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2nd December with Dolly (CEP Charity - Rated)

Up to 90 players This will be 2 rounds of 18 holes with shotgun starts. This is a charity fundraiser tournament under the PDGA Endowment program. This means that $8 from every entry goes to the charity. The remaining $12 from each entry is what payouts are based on. For this reason, there will be no player pack. All remaining value will go to payouts. I will be adding temp tees for MA4, FA, and Junior divisions PDGA requires any player under 13 to have at least 1 non-player guardian on their card and junior divisions cannot be mixed with non-junior cards. If fewer than 4 players in a division, TD reserves the right to choose to remove division according to PDGA rules. Pass-through Fees: Fees waived by PDGA but must be sent to charity instead.

2nd December with Dolly (CEP Charity - Rated)


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