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Armory Disc Golf Flex at Kit Fox

Welcome to the Armory Disc Golf Flex Start in New Mexico! This will be a C tier flex start at Truth or Consequences Municipal DGC, Kit Fox Course. Tee times: 11am to 3pm, cards of 3-5 people (singles or dubs) Unsanctioned doubles is also available- $40 per team, $10 for ace pot You can play singles and doubles in the same day if you want a full day of golf! Doubles teams will register on site with the TD and score will be kept within UDisc (it will be listed as a "league event" in UDisc). Am payout will be done through Armory Disc Golf, who will distribute eGift Cards to their online store after the event. Pro payout will be distributed via PayPal. All OB and Mandos will be on PDGA scoring app

Armory Disc Golf Flex at Kit Fox


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