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Burchfield Open

Welcome to the 2024 Burchfield Open presented by the Capital City Renegades! AM Player Pack: TBD Trophies will only be purchased for divisions with more than 5 people two weeks from tournament date. Trophies for first place only. This will be a single day, two round event. Two rounds of 18 on Renegades Trail (RT). Renegades Trail All divisions: On UDisc - 2022 CCR Open - FPO/B Pool Layout Layout below will include two letters. The first is the pad location and the second is the basket. S = Short, L = Long Pin locations for Renegade's Trail 1- SS 10- SS 2- SL 11- SL 3- SL 12- LS 4- SS 13- SL 5- SL 14- SL 6- SL 15- SS 7- SL 16- LS 8- SL 17- LS - Island (play as hazard) 9- LL 18- SL OB Listing 1 - OB on top of winter sport building. OB if inside the generator fencing. 2 –OB road right on or over. Painted. 3 – No OB 4 – No OB 5 – No OB 6 – OB sand bunker middle of fairway. Painted. 7 – OB sand bunker near 7's short basket. Painted. 8 – OB Road right. Painted. OB swamp left if surrounded by water. 9 – OB Road right. Painted. 10 – OB Road right. Painted. 11 – OB road long. Painted. 12 – No OB 13 – OB sand bunkers. Painted. 14 – No OB 15 – OB sand bunkers. Painted. 16 – No OB 17 – Play as hazard. 1 stroke penalty if island missed. Play from your lie. 1 meter relief in front of or behind the wood pylons. 18 – OB road right, long and left. Painted. Volleyball court is NOT OB. No Artificial OBs will be added. OBs will include roads, sand bunkers, and over fences. Formal list above and PDGA Live Scoring Hole Notes. - No food provided on site. Please plan to bring a lunch or run to a local establishment. - PDGA Live Scoring - On site payouts, of primarily Discraft items. Ace pool: $5 50/50: $5

Burchfield Open


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