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DGVTour #5 - Brewster Ridge Open

DGVTour #5 - Brewster Ridge Open Driven by Innova June 21-23,2023 Smugglers Notch DG Center Jeffersonville, VT PDGA A-tier ( Must be a current PDGA member to register for this event) $4,000 added cash to the Pro purse 3 Rounds of 18 holes, 1 round per day tee times TD: Chris Young & Will Cleland Practice Rounds: Registered players get 1 FREE practice round on each course prior to the BRO and it must be used June 18-20th and you MUST call the Smuggs Pro Shop to schedule a tee time. ALL rounds at Smugglers Notch DG Center require a tee time reservation, so make sure if you have a specific course and time in mind you call to reserve your tee time ( 802-644-2477 ). Keep in mind courses will be open to the public these days, so plan ahead. Parking/Transportation Info: -All player parking will be located at parking lots 2&3, 1.5 miles past the resort on the right when heading up the hill (south on VT108), google maps location pin here: https://maps.app.goo.gl/7TdsxMcf6ywK4pWs6. Look for feather flags and directional signage will be at the parking lot entrance. -The Disc Golf & Outdoor Center driveway and parking area will be CLOSED to all competitors, no exceptions. Player drop off will permitted at the bottom of the driveway. -Dedicated event shuttle service will begin at 6:45am, and will be available until all players have completed their rounds and have returned to their vehicles. Please allot an extra 10-15 minutes when planning your arrival to ensure you have time to park and catch the shuttle. -Players staying at Smugglers’ Notch Resort are welcome to call the village shuttle for transport service to the Disc Golf & Outdoor Center starting at 9:00am each day. Players who wish to arrive at the Disc Golf & Outdoor Center prior to 9:00am will need to drive to lots 2&3 to park and catch the player transport shuttle. Juniors must be accompanied by an adult per PDGA guidelines: https://www.pdga.com/rules/competition-manual/113 Players Meeting: Players will receive an email with all event information. Awards: Approx. 15 minutes after last card is in on Sunday for your division. 1st Place Custom Trophies for all divisions of 4 or more players. Players Pack: All amateur players will receive a players pack. Players packs are first come first serve and can be picked up beginning Thurs. at the DGVT trailer,outside the Smuggs Pro Shop. Amateur players will receive 1 custom BRO stamped Innova halo disc, a Sunset Lake koozie, 1 FREE Yerba Mate. a custom BRO shirt and a $10 shopping credit at Discgolfunited.com. Food Truck: Green Mtn Grillbillies BBQ will be onsite all 3 days! Smuggs lodging: Call the resort at 800-521-0536 or email, [email redacted] to make a reservation. Group rates will apply. Pro Payouts: We will payout 40% of the Pro divisions. Payouts will be issued via Paypal within 48 hours of completion of the event. Amateur Payouts: We will payout 45% of the Amateur divisions. Payouts will be posted and a DGVT merchandise voucher will be filed in our system for those players. All amateur divisions play for merchandise credit to the DGVT Pro Shop. Credit must be redeemed by the end of the year and can not be redeemed online. Acepot: $1 from each players registration goes to the acepot. If there are no aces then the acepot will roll over to DGVTour #6. ( $149 roll-over from DGVTour #4). EDGE: $2 from each players registration goes to the Vermont EDGE Program. This program will enable DGVT to work with local schools and communities to build new courses and get discs in the hands of our youth. DGVTour fee: $3 from each players registration goes to the Tour to help us with an array of items such as Tour trophies, end of the season payouts, sanctioning fees, park fees, supplies, porta pottys and much more. Facility/Greens Fees: $22 per player for the event. PDGA Fee: $4/player for A-tiers. Tee Times (both days): Tee times will be posted Thursday, June 20th for Fridays round (pdga.com). After all players are off the course Friday and Saturday we will work as fast as we can to get tee times posted for the next days round. Our hope is to have those posted before 8pm both evenings. Again, visit pdga.com, go to events and find our event on the list and that is where you will find your tee time. ALL players are expected to arrive approx. 30 minutes before the posted tee time and check in with DGVT and be ready to tee on at the posted tee time. APool: All Pro divisions. APool players will play Fox Friday, Brewster Saturday & Fox Sunday. BPool: All Amateur divisions. BPool players will play Brewster Friday, Fox Saturday & Brewster Sunday. Tee Assignments: MPO : Brewster-Gold/ Fox-Gold MP40: Brewster-Gold/ Fox-Gold MP50: Brewster-Gold/Fox-Blue MP60: Brewster-Blue/Fox-Blue FPO: Brewster-Blue/Fox-Blue FP40: Brewster-Blue/Fox-White MA1: Brewster-Gold/Fox-Blue FA1: Brewster-Blue/Fox-White MA40: Brewster-Blue/Fox-Blue FA40: Brewster-Blue/Fox-White MA50: Brewster-Blue/Fox-White MA60: Brewster-Blue/Fox-White MA2: Brewster-Blue/Fox-Blue FA2: Brewster-White/Fox-Red MA3: Brewster-White/Fox-White FA3: Brewster-White/Fox-Red MJ12: Brewster-White/Fox-Red COURSE OUT OF BOUNDS: Fox Run Meadows: Official Out of Bounds listed on digital scorecard. Tee signs are NOT official Out of Bounds Brewster Ridge: Official Out of Bounds listed on digital scorecard. Tee signs are NOT official Out of Bounds Fox Run Meadows: • White stakes and beyond is out of bounds. All OB is delineated by white stakes. • The OB line is the inside edge of all white stakes. • A double-white stake delineates OB line continues into infinity. Hole-Specific Notes: Hole 1 – OB surrounds the fairway/green. • Throws from the Gold/Blue must cross inbounds before coming to rest. • If disc does not cross inbounds, proceed to the drop zone (white tee box) with one penalty throw. White stakes mark OB. Hole 2 &3 – OB right and long. Hole 3: Discs must pass to the left of marked Mando tree. Players that do not make the Mando will re-tee from Whites with a 1 stroke penalty. White stakes mark OB. Hole 4 – This hole has two areas of play, both surrounded by OB. The first is the farm road on which the tees are located, connected to the green. The second is the main landing zone for tee shots, located to the right side of the farm road. All OB shots are played by normal OB rules, one meter relief from where the disc was last in bounds. White stakes mark the Out of Bounds. Holes 5&6 – OB surrounds the hole. White stakes mark the Out of Bounds. Hole 7 – The fairway is split by a stream. Both fairways are separately surrounded by OB. White stakes mark the OB. Hole 8 – OB Surrounds the hole marked by white stakes. Hole 9 – OB surrounds the hole, the large boulder is a playing surface. White stakes mark OB. Hole 10&11 – OB surrounds the hole marked by white stakes. Hole 12 – The fairway is split by a wetland area. Both fairways are separately surrounded by OB and white stakes mark OB. Hole 13- OB right and long, wrapping around the green. White stakes mark OB> Hole 14- Hole plays as an island. Must make it in bounds on tee shot or proceed to red tee with a 1 stroke penalty. All shots after the drive that go Out of Bounds, play normal OB rules. White stakes mark OB. Hole 16 – There is an OB swath separating the hole into two segments. After crossing, OB continues on the right side and behind the basket. The rock wall IS NOT OB. White stakes mark OB. Hole 17&18 – OB Surrounds the Hole. NO MANDO on hole 17. White stakes mark OB line. Brewster Ridge: String and beyond is out of bounds. String is the Out of Bounds line except on Hole 10 where the OB line is marked by white stakes. A double-white stake with an arrow delineates OB line continues into infinity. Hole 1 - OB stakes long of the basket and beyond are Out of Bounds. OB is defined by white stakes. Hole 2 – OB runs up the full length of the rock wall to the right. String line is Out of Bounds line. Hole 5 – OB runs up the rock wall on the left, stopping just before the basket and turning 90 degrees to the left, continuing into infinity. String line is the Out of Bounds line. Hole 10: OB left and long of the basket marked by white stakes Is Out of Bounds. Note that the yellow ropes do NOT designate the OB line, that is a ground under repair line. White stakes mark the OB line. Hole 12 - String line beyond the basket is Out of Bounds. Hole 15 – OB: All area outside of rock wall marked by string. • DROP ZONE: If disc never crosses in-bounds, player may re-tee or proceed to Drop Zone +1 penalty throw. Drop Zone is the White tee. • If disc crosses in-bounds before landing OB, player may also choose to play from where disc last crossed in-bounds. Hole 16 – OB runs down the full length of the rock wall to the left. String line is the Out of Bounds line. Hole 17 - String line left and long of the basket is Out of Bounds. PDGA Live Scoring: This is how each group will keep score. All players need to click on the link below to become familiar with PDGA Live Scoring. Players should download the PDGA Live ap prior to the event. Per new PDGA rules for 2024 ALL PLAYERS ARE REQUIRED TO KEEP SCORE. Each player must keep an independent scorecard recording scores after each hole for the entire group. All players should be familiar with new rule 808 for the 2024 season... https://www.pdga.com/rules/official-rules-disc-golf/808 Live scoring code: DGVT5 PDGA Live Scoring is the OFFICIAL scorecard of the event and each player needs to check in after the round to make sure the scorecard has been received by the TD's. NO 2 METER RULE. ALL PDGA rules apply. NO Division changes or refunds after registration closes. Division changes only if a spot opens up, you are registered and there are no wait listers in that division, otherwise you are locked in to the division you registered in. DGVT merchandise: If you would like to purchase something from DGVT you can do so at the event. Member discs can be picked up at the event and you can cash in your Am payout at the event. We have a file with your name if you have won any amateur payouts at a DGVTour event, we will have that for you. We would like to thank all our Tour partners: Innova Champion Discs,Smugglers Notch DG Center, Martell's at the Red Fox, Upper Park Disc Golf,Discmania,Sunset Lake Cannabis,Vermont Federal Credit Union, Sunset Lake CBD. Questions?....You can email us at [email redacted] and we will get back to you! We are not able to entertain special requests for tee times unfortunately.

DGVTour #5 - Brewster Ridge Open


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