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Disc Wars

May 4th brings joy to many different types of people around the world. Expos, conventions, parties and all types of events are hosted everywhere. This May 4th at Tom Triplett Disc golf course, we will battle it out to decide the stronger side of the force in Savannah Area. This sanctioned event will consist of 2 "teams," light side and dark side. You will be required to choose a side upon registering. All cards will be divided to have at least 1 of each side to the best of my ability. Even though this event has you choose a side/team, the event in its root is a singles tournament and will be rated. Pay structure is as such $6 PDGA fees(Pro and AM) $2 passthrough for trophies and sanctioning(Pro and AM) $25 Value players pack(AMs only) $15 to payout pot for redemption at Marshall Street Discs(AMs only) $37 to payout pot(Pros only) Player's pack will consist of 1 custom stamped mini 1 custom Glow or Halo plastic disc Layouts: MPO: Gold, Solid Blue: Gold, Blue White: Black, Red Red: Blue, Red Green/Purple: Red, Red

Disc Wars


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