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GCCO Tee Time Toss presented by Latitude 64

It's GCCO Time! Latitude 64 and the South of 64 Series are excited to bring some flex start PDGA C-Tier Fun back to the 2024 GCCO weekend! This is a PDGA flex-start C Tier with PICK YOUR TEE time, with times available from 7:30 AM until 12:26 PM. 4 Person Cards & 8 Minute Spacing. We must end at 12:26 to allow for the practice time protocol put into place for the 2024 PDGA season. THE AMATEUR SIDE IS PLAYER PACK ONLY Amateur player packs are a $10 voucher good for use at the Latitude 64 RV that will be on-site, a Disc Golf Waffle Towel, South of 64 Series Koozie and a custom GCCO Flex Mini! That's a $30 player pack value! $2/Am will benefit the GCCO Fundraiser. Tee Assignments Long Pads: MPO, MP40, MP50, MA40, MA50, MA1, MA2 Ladies Pads: #1 Long, all other pads short. Short Pads: MP60, MA60, MA 70, MA3, MA4

GCCO Tee Time Toss presented by Latitude 64


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