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King's Singles

Thank you for your interest in our 2nd annual MLK events, this year we are running 2 18 Hole tournaments @ Kinslow, Kings Singles & Kings Dubbs. You may register for this event, the BYOP (www.dgscene.com/KingsDubbs24) or both. We will honor the great Martin Luther King by having a good time playing disc golf. This event is pay out only. There will be no players packs (besides hand warmers & pizza), top 45% or so will win cash (Pros) & prizes (Ams) from the ODC store. The ODC store will be open, we will have lots of great discs from past events & taking donations for lunch & for the Adkins Family Charities. MA1 & Pros will play from the Longs, all other divisions from the shorts. There will be no OB, surrounded by frozen water will be played as casual relief. 2024 Olentangy Disc Club Members will have a discount code they can use. You can message Tom on FB or text/email with any questions, should be another fun event for the Olentangy Disc Club!

King's Singles


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