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LOSO Practice at Lakeside

Lucky Ace Alamo City Flex is a traveling C-Tier for the San Antonio and surrounding areas! Flex start from 2:00-6:00pm. You have to sign up here on Disc Golf Scene, but registration won’t close until last card is sent off. It takes a minimum of 3 players to make a card, and no more than 5. ALL players must check in with the TD before play begins, or they will forfeit their official place and entry fee (Rule 1.04 A-C). Layouts are as follows (please refer to the layout / OB notes on the live scoring): Longs: MPO, MP40, MP50, MA1 Mixed: FPO, MP55, MP60, MP65, MP70, MA40, MA2, FA1, MA50 Shorts: MA3, MA4, MA55, MA60, MA65, MA70, FA40, FA50, FA55, FA60, FA2, FA3, FA4 and all Juniors This is to follow the same layout structure as the 21st annual Live Oak Summer Open. If OB for LOSO is marked prior to the start of this flex, it will be in play. If OB is not marked before the start of the flex, it will not be in play and course will play as normal. LOSO Layout link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GaHbGp9TkUaP7heUkr3mbcX7-zuHDVih/view?usp=sharing The Lucky Ace Pot starts at $145, plus whatever is put into it on the day of the event. PDGA Live Scoring: - pdga.com/score Pros will be paid via PayPal and Ams will receive online vouchers to the Lucky Ace Pro Shop / luckyacediscs.com. Fee Break Down: $20 ($18 payouts / $2 PDGA)

LOSO Practice at Lakeside


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