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The Kinder Krusher

The Kinder Krusher 2024: PDGA A-Tier 3 Days, 3 Rounds, Tee Times (10-12 minutes apart). 144 players total. Layouts: MPO, MP40, MA1, FPO will play: Round 1: Long to Long Round 2: Long to Short Round 3 Long to Long MA40, MA50, MA2 will play: Round 1: Short to Long Round 2: Long to Short Round 3: Long to Long MA60, MA3, FA3 will play: Round 1: Short to Long Round 2: Short to Short Round 3: Long to Long Division with 3 players or less will be combined. Players will be contacted regarding which division they wish to be moved to. By July 1st, players will be contacted to make a decision on their choice of division: so that divisions can be set and trophies can be ordered. An additional 10 Spots will be held for Female Players after registration fills. These spots will be held until June 1st. Amateur player packs include (subject to change): Custom: Kinder Krusher 2024 Jersey, Glass Mini, Towel, Custom Hat, Bug Repellent Socks, Loot Bag/Dry Bag Estimate Tee Times for Divisions (Note these are subject to change): FA3/MA3/MA2: 8:00am -10:50am MA40/MA50/MA60: 10:50am - 12:00 pm FA1/MA1: 12:00pm - 1:00pm MP40: 1:00pm - 2:15pm FPO/MPO: 2:15pm - 4:00pm Warm Up Areas: Please note throwing space are limited in the park. We will have a small section open for upshot throws and putting. Please head over to the fields located at the first left before reaching the guard station if you would like more space to throw. Other warm up options are: Severna Park Middle School (5 mins) North Glen Disc Golf Course (15 mins) $0 from each player goes to TD fees. $4 from each player goes PDGA fees $5 from each player covers greens fees. PDGA Rules to Note: All players are required to take score. All players are expected to enforce the rules setout by the PDGA. If a player feels uncomfortable making a call, please reach out to a TD or event staff. Drinking alcoholic beverages or smoking is prohibited during the event. This applies to caddies also. The PDGA app is a great tool we would recommend players download. All the rules are posted on here and players can search for specifics!

The Kinder Krusher


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