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Winter Series Finals

HEY EVERYONE!!! Welcome to the Winter Series FINALS! This series is a 5 tournament series that allows our local areas a cheap way to play pdga tournaments during the off season! There are 4 C Tiers and 1 Bigger C Tier FINALS tournament in the series! This will be a 2 round 1 day C Tier tournament at both the original Kearney Park Course and the Cali Hmong DIsc Golf Course! Each division will play one round on each course! I am going to try and have a raffle, games, and more available for the day! HOW THE WINTER SERIES WORKS!!!: Anyone is allowed to play the Finals, but you need three events total to be eligible to win the series! That means you can play either 2 of the C Tier tournaments and the Bigger C Tier Finals can count as your third event, or you can play 3 of the C Tier events and you will still be eligible to win the series even without the finals! If you play more than 3 events, we will be taking everyone's 3 best events! The points will awarded by placing: 1st: 100 points +1 point for everyone you beat that day 2nd: 95 points +1 point for everyone you beat that day 3rd: 90 points +1 point for everyone you beat that day etc Please Message me with any questions or concerns!!!

Winter Series Finals


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